The Most Iconic Bingo Scenes From Television

Most Iconic Bingo Scenes

Bingo is a British institution, and with watching television exactly the same, it’s perhaps no surprise to see the two worlds collide. Over the years there have been dozens of bingo games played out on television, while there’s even been entire sitcoms about the game, such as Eyes Down starring Paul O’Grady and Sheridan Smith. Iconic Bingo Scenes

Bingo continues to be an established part of both film and TV, but what are the most iconic bingo scenes to ever hit our TV screens?

The Simpsons

The first couple of scenes actually come from US television and we’re beginning with this absolute classic from The Simpsons. Based on a 75-ball bingo game, as is often the case in the USA, this game really taps into the stereotypes associated with it. 

This particular evening in Springfield has welcomed all the local pensioners to the local village hall, and it’s fair to say they don’t quite understand how to play…

Curb Your Enthusiasm

Bingo and Larry David. You know this is going to be funny. It’s classic Curb Your Enthusiasm and sees Larry taking on his father in a game of bingo. It’s fair to say that chaos ensues as Larry gets a tad techy when things do not go his way. 

It’s Curb’s social awkwardness at its peak and also a great example of how some players can be at bingo.

Better Call Saul

Saul Goodman first found fame in Breaking Bad, but prior to that he was earning his stripes as a sketchy lawyer. Better Call Saul is a prequel to Breaking Bad and one of his particular schemes took place in a bingo hall. 

It’s a funny, and great scene in which the character plays a bingo caller to try and win some new clients, of shall we say, the older generation. It doesn’t quite go to plan though and Saul has a bit of a meltdown during the game. And it’s quite hilarious.

Coronation Street

There’s been plenty of bingo in Corrie down the years, and this is a classic from Jack and Vera. The two legendary characters were a match made in heaven. Annoyed and taking a stand, Jack decides to protest on the rooftop of the Rovers Return and Vera is certainly proud of her husband. Of course, not enough to miss the bingo!

While poor Jack is stuck on top of the roof with no food or drink, Vera is off into town, dabber in hand, and she may even have a few drinks before coming home. Flaming Nora, Vera!

Jack Whitehall Travels With His Father

A more recent scene comes from the Netflix documentary Jack Whitehall Travels With His Father, which sees the cheeky comedian travel around the world with his rather grumpier father. This scene sees them in the USA, stopping off at a retirement village for a game of bingo. 

Whitehall does the calling, and he doesn’t quite stick to the standard bingo calls

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