Online Bingo Jackpots v Online Slot Jackpots: Our Complete Guide


When it comes to playing online games, there’s only one thing on many players’ minds – winning the jackpot. Across both bingo and online slots there are some whopping jackpots on offer, and in some cases potentially life changing sums. But what are the differences between online bingo jackpots and online slot jackpots? 

Here at Moon Bingo, we offer one of the finest bingo catalogues around, as well as a host of great online slots, so to give you a helping hand, we’ve run down the key differences and a bit of help to understand the best games to suit your needs…

Online Bingo Jackpots

Online bingo jackpots can vary massively in size, with prizes on offer for different successes. Aside from slingo bingo, you are largely playing against other people. Not only does this increase or decrease the chance you have of winning the jackpot, but also it can influence the size of a jackpot.

Unlike online slots, there has to be a winner within a particular game. The size of the jackpot is determined by how many people have bought a bingo card for that game. While there is always a minimum jackpot, a proportion of each card bought will also add to the jackpot. The more players in the game and the higher the cost of a bingo card, the bigger the jackpot will be. 

Within bingo, while the game itself is completely random, there is the opportunity to increase your chance of winning, which isn’t really possible with online slots. This is done by playing multiple bingo cards in a game. For example, if you have one bingo card in a room where 10 bingo cards are active, you essentially have a 10% chance of winning. However, if you were to have two cards in a room with 10 bingo cards in play, then that chance is increased to 20%.

In bingo you’ll usually have a maximum of around four or five different ways to win, with the jackpot being the ultimate prize. This is usually for being the first to complete one line, two lines, and then a number of additional prizes, with the jackpot win then ending a game.

Online Slot Jackpots

Online slot jackpots are slightly different in that you have just as much chance of winning the jackpot on one spin as you do the next. However, there is no guarantee when that will occur. Due to the random nature of online slots, jackpots can be hit at any moment, which can be much, much longer than the length of a bingo game, but at the same time the jackpots are usually much, much higher.

Online slot jackpots can be upwards of £100,000 in many cases, but they are also much harder to win and there is little influence you can have on winning them, aside from ensuring you are playing the maximum number of paylines.

Unlike bingo games though, there are also many other prizes up for grabs, with some slots having thousands of different ways to win a prize, with some of those prizes just underneath the jackpot also offering much more than what a bingo jackpot would. 

The prizes in online slots are also fixed, so the jackpot will always be the biggest prize available. This is usually based upon a player making the maximum bet. 

Progressive Jackpots

This unique jackpots can be found in both bingo games and slot games, and operate in much the same way. Progressive jackpots are different to standard jackpots in that they are much, much bigger, harder to win, and are usually connected to a network of games. 

This type of jackpot is one that is ever-growing in size until it is won, due to the fact that every time someone places a bet or buys a bingo card, a percentage of the cost adds to the progressive jackpot. In order to win, you must land a very specific combination of symbols in slot play, and complete your bingo card within a set number of calls. Once won, the jackpot resets and the process starts all over again.

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