National Bingo Day: All You Need To Know About The Big Day

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National Bingo Day is almost upon us and it’s fair to say it’s the day we treat the beautiful game like it’s king or queen. It’s by no means bingo’s birthday. With such a long history, pinning an exact date to the game is impossible. But we celebrate the game like it’s a birthday and we’re asking you all to join us and celebrate what a marvelous day it is for the game.

Plenty of bingo sites will be joining the fun, and across the day we’ll have dozens of games available to play from slingo bingo to 75-ball bingo, and plenty of mobile games so you can enjoy a game anytime, anywhere. But what exactly is National Bingo Day all about? 

National Bingo Day: The Key Questions

To help you celebrate National Bingo Day in style, and make sure you really do make the most of such a day, we’re answering all the key questions you might have about it…

Just when is National Bingo Day?

Well, let’s start with the obvious. When exactly is National Bingo Day? You can’t celebrate something when you don’t know when it is, so make sure you jot down June 27 in your diaries. 

It lasts just one day, but do not fear, there are always plenty of great bingo games to play in the build up to the day, and, of course, here at Moon Bingo we have a large range of games to enjoy each and every day, no matter what day of the year.

Does National Bingo Day happen every year?

This year celebrates the very first National Bingo Day and it’s a day which will no doubt go down as a firm favourite with the British public for many years to come. The day itself is set to occur on June 27 each year and will be a day that only gets bigger and bigger.

Is National Bingo Day being celebrated both online and offline?

The bingo world has come together for the inaugural National Bingo Day, and online bingo sites across the UK will be joining forces with bingo halls in towns and cities to really make the most of the day. There will be all manner of events going on across the day, offering up some of the biggest jackpots of the year.

Which sites and venues are celebrating National Bingo Day?

The vast majority of UK bingo sites and venues will be celebrating National Bingo Day and those that are are easy to spot. Everywhere that is celebrating National Bingo Day will not only be shouting from the rooftops about it, but also be using the official National Bingo Day logo, which can be found on the official website for the day. 

Is National Bingo Day celebrated worldwide?

Only a handful of countries are currently celebrating National Bingo Day this year, with the UK and USA bingo sites the only ones to be paying tribute and celebrating the game. As the day grows through, we’ll no doubt see many other countries begin to join the party.

How much can I win and what rules are involved with National Bingo Day?

There are plenty of great promotions and games going on throughout National Bingo Day, all of which are run by their individual operators. That means the rules and regulations, as well as types of promotion will completely vary from brand to brand and game to game. All our activity going on around National Bingo Day will be found in the applicable and relevant games. 

How Can I Celebrate National Bingo Day?

There are tons of great ways you can celebrate and here at Moon Bingo we have plenty of suggestions as to how you can really make the most of the day in style…

Play our great range of bingo games

Of course, you may as well begin with what we do best, bingo games. Here at Moon Bingo we have one of the largest range of different bingo variants in the UK, from the traditional formats such as 90-ball bingo and 75-ball bingo, to new and exciting games such as slingo bingo, and Swedish bingo which takes the traditional to the net level with more ways to win and even the integration of the likes of slots and scratchcards.

Enjoy Our Summer Bingo Card

Of course, June 27 is the height of summer and not everybody wants to spend their day indoors at a bingo hall or online. Thanks to our limited edition Summer Bingo Card, you’re in luck. To celebrate all we love about the season, we’ve created a fantastic bingo card for you to print off and take to the outdoors to mark it off.

Featuring the likes of ice cream, picnics, swimming, barbecues,and camping, this bingo card really encourages you to make the most of the warm weather and sunshine that the latter stages really does bring. Team up with friends and family, or go up against them and really bring that competition that bingo is famous for to your sunny, Sunday afternoon.

DIY Bingo

Of course, you could also go completely off-piste and celebrate bingo in whatever way you want. Bingo is a very simple game to put together in DIY form. All you really need is some bingo cards, pens, some form of drawing system and away you go.

That way you can enjoy the game of bingo wherever you are and be as inventive as you want the game. It’s always worth offering up a prize, and with it being National Bingo Day, it only seems right to be a little more generous to whoever you’re playing with. To find plenty more advice on how to set up a DIY bingo game, head over to our dedicated blog post on the subject which is packed with advice and tips on how to get your DIY bingo game started.

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