How To Play Bingo: Getting To Know The Basics

Bingo is one of the most popular games in the UK, and in truth it’s relatively easy to understand and play.

How to Play Bingo

Bingo is one of the most popular games in the UK, and in truth it’s relatively easy to understand and play. If you’re new to bingo, you’ll pick it up in no time and this guide will certainly provide you with all the details you need to get started.

From tips on how to win, to a breakdown on how bingo works, below you’ll find our comprehensive guide to how to play bingo below:

How Does Bingo Work?

Bingo is a simple game to play and it involves players matching the numbers called to their bingo card in order to win.

Ahead of every game, a player will purchase a bingo card, which they must then mark off as/when numbers are called. The aim of the game is to complete your bingo card quicker than any other player, or within a set number of calls, in order to win.

There are many different types of bingo game, from 90-Ball bingo to 75-Ball bingo, but ultimately the aim remains the same. The numbers just represent the number of balls in the pot which are due to be called out.

The rise of online bingo has seen bingo being played in a number of different ways. 90-Ball and 75-Ball bingo are played in much the same way online but with random number generators dictating which balls are drawn compared to a bingo caller. Slingo Bingo and other new variants are played slightly differently, however.

In some cases, when you play bingo online you won’t always be playing against other people, and therefore the aim isn’t to beat them, but to complete your card in a set number of calls, which is determined by the amount of money you stake. The winning combinations often remain the same for most classic online bingo games, but always be sure to check out the game rules before you start to play.

How To Win At Bingo

There are a number of ways to win at bingo both online and offline, with three main methods. These being:

  • First player to complete one line
  • First player to complete two lines
  • First player to complete the bingo card

As mentioned above, when playing online you may have to complete these combinations within a set number of draws, particularly if you’re playing in a single player game.

The first player to complete a line is essentially the first player to mark off a line on their bingo card. How a line is completed is dependent on the bingo variant you are playing. Usually, this will be a row, but often diagonals and columns can also come into play.

The first player to complete two lines will also win a prize (bigger than the amount for completing one line) while the first player to complete the bingo card will win the biggest jackpot and this is referred to as a ‘Full House’

Getting To Know Online Bingo Features

When playing bingo online at any bingo site you’ll also find a number of features that you should be aware of. These features are aimed at enhancing the playing experience, and the most common include:

  • Autoplay: This is a function that allows you to have your numbers automatically marked off as they are called. It can be particularly useful if you are playing with multiple bingo cards.
  • Best Card Sorting: This is a feature which will sort your bingo cards out into an order in which the cards with the best chance of winning will be at the front, or top, so you can predominantly focus on these.
  • Best Card Highlighting: This is a function that will highlight/alert you of the best cards you currently have. This will kick in when a card is close to winning.

Bingo Hall Phrases

If you’re a player who likes to play in bingo halls, then it’s also a good idea to understand the jargon. There are tons of bingo calls which have specific slang terms, which can be confusing if you aren’t exactly sure what they mean.

If you are looking to play offline, then it’s always useful to revisit these terms so you can mark off numbers quickly and keep up to speed. Among the most popular slang terms for numbers are:

  • 1 Kelly’s Eye
  • 2 One Little Duck
  • 3 Cup of Tea
  • 4 Knock at the Door
  • 5 Man Alive
  • 6 Half a Dozen – Tom Mix
  • 7 Lucky Seven
  • 8 Garden Gate
  • 9 Doctor’s Order
  • 10 (Prime Minister)’s Den
  • 11 Legs Eleven
  • 12 One Dozen
  • 13 Unlucky for Some
  • 14 Valentine’s Day
  • 15 Young and Keen
  • 16 Sweet Sixteen and Never Been Kissed
  • 17 Dancing Queen
  • 18 Coming of Age
  • 19 Goodbye Teens
  • 20 One Score
  • 21 Royal Salute – Key of the Door
  • 22 Two Little Ducks
  • 23 Thee and Me
  • 24 Two Dozen
  • 25 Duck and Dive
  • 26 Pick and Mix
  • 27 Gateway to Heaven
  • 28 In a State – Overweight
  • 29 Rise and Shine
  • 30 Dirty Gertie
  • 31 Get up and Run
  • 32 Buckle my Shoe
  • 33 Dirty Knee – All the Threes – Fish, Chips and Peas
  • 34 Ask for More
  • 35 Jump and Jive
  • 36 Three Dozen
  • 37 More than Eleven
  • 38 Christmas Cake
  • 39 39 Steps
  • 40 Life Begins
  • 41 Time for Fun
  • 42 Winnie-the-Pooh
  • 43 Down on your Knees
  • 44 Droopy Drawers
  • 45 Halfway There
  • 46 Up to Tricks
  • 47 Four and Seven
  • 48 Four Dozen
  • 49 PC
  • 50 Half a Century
  • 51 Tweak of the Thumb
  • 52 Danny La Rue
  • 53 Here Comes Herbie – Stuck in a Tree
  • 54 Clean the Floor
  • 55 Snakes Alive
  • 56 Shotts Bus
  • 57 Heinz Varieties
  • 58 Make them Wait
  • 59 Brighton Line
  • 60 Five Dozen
  • 61 Baker’s Bun
  • 62 Turn the Screw – Tickety-Boo
  • 63 Tickle Me Sixty Three
  • 64 Red Raw
  • 65 Old Age Pension
  • 66 Clickety Click
  • 67 Stairway to Heaven
  • 68 Saving Grace
  • 69 Favourite of Mine
  • 70 Three Score and Ten
  • 71 Bang on the Drum
  • 72 Six Dozen
  • 73 Queen Bee
  • 74 Hit the Floor
  • 75 Strive and Strive
  • 76 Trombones
  • 77 Sunset Strip
  • 78 39 More Steps
  • 79 One More Time
  • 80 Eight and Blank – Older callers might use ‘Gandhi’s Breakfast’ -“Ate Nothing”!
  • 81 Stop and Run
  • 82 Straight on Through
  • 83 Time for Tea
  • 84 Seven Dozen
  • 85 Staying Alive
  • 86 Between the Sticks
  • 87 Torquay in Devon
  • 88 Two Fat Ladies
  • 89 Nearly There
  • 90 Top of the Shop
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