Gaming on the Go: The Best Games For Your Commute

Best Games

With the world opening back up again, and many of us returning to the office once again, tube lines, trains and buses will once again be jam-packed on Monday through until Friday, and gaming central from 7am through until 9am. Yes, we all love a bit of gaming when it comes to distracting ourselves from the dreary commute. But what are the best games?

From puzzles to bingo games, social games, and beyond, people love all manner of games on their way to work, but what are our favourites here at Moon Bingo? There are dozens of great games ideal for your journey to work on our mobile app, with these some of the very finest…

Slingo Bingo

Slingo is the perfect game for the commute to work as it’s one player, quick to play, and a great escape from what’s going on around you. Needless to say that this game has fast become one of the best-loved bingo variant around. It will seamlessly transitions into mobile play from desktop. 

There are an ever-growing number of slingo bingo games you can enjoy through the Moon Bingo mobile site or app these days, inspired by TV shows, arcade games, and more.

For those who are unaware, slingo bingo is a combination of online slots and bingo, in which players must spin the slot reels to mark off their bingo card within a set number of spins. Therefore, you can generally play for as quickly or slowly as you like, making it ideal for hopping on and off of public transport.

Some of the best slingo bingo games available to play at present include:

Deal or No Deal Slingo

This slingo game is inspired by the popular TV game show of yesteryear, Deal or No Deal. It plays in a relatively similar way to the show itself in that you select a box and must then remove the rest from the gaming board, avoiding the high value boxes and navigating the bankers’ offers. 

Slingo Reveal

Slingo Reveal contains elements of scratchcards and adds a new dimension to slingo gaming. Like scratchcards, you are required to match symbols on a card to win that prize. It’s a quick and simple game to understand and the instant win element really takes it up a notch, with the slot one of a number that are adding more and more features as bingo as a whole continues to develop.

Online Slots

Slots are of course also a great game to play on-the-go. A spin takes just a few seconds, and online slots these days are incredibly immersive. You’ll find all manner of themes from animals to the Wild West, and there really is something for everyone, no matter what your budget.

There are some real favourites among players here at Moon Bingo, offering low minimum bets that are ideal for keeping occupied on the 20 minutes or so on the way to work. Among the most popular here are:


One of the most well-regarded Egyptian themed slots around is Cleopatra. The IGT slot offers up some good winnings, and has great graphics that really draw the attention of players. It’s a five-reel, 20 payline slot bursting with excellent bonus features and free spins, one of the reasons why it’s really managed to stand the test of time.

Wolf Gold

Wolf Gold is a slot that we love. As a theme, it’s truly spectacular with great graphics offering a backdrop of the stunning North American plains at dusk. The Pragmatic Play slot has some excellent features, as well as a relatively high RTP at 96.01%, while the theme itself offers a slightly different take on the typical Western theme, instead focusing on the wildlife that roams the land.

Arcade Games

Since launching, arcade games have been a real hit with our players, taking a break from the likes of 90-ball bingo and enjoying puzzles and strategy games with prize money on offer. There are some excellent arcade games worth playing on the daily commute, many of which lend themselves ideally to it, including Crossword Cash, which can ultimately replace the newspaper crossword many take up in the morning.

Elsewhere, games such as Nerves of Steal and Mayan Bonus are also ideal options whether on your way to work, or as you look to unwind on your way home.

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