Five Things We Love About Bingo

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It’s perhaps an obvious thing to say, but here at Moon Bingo we absolutely love bingo. As one of the  UK’s best online bingo sites we pride ourselves on knowing everything you need to know about the game, as well as providing some of the most interesting and entertaining bingo games around. But what exactly do we love about it?

Well, the answer is many things. But to help you understand why you could, and even should, love bingo too, we’ve run down the five things we especially love about this historic and generation-loving game…

The Variants

One thing bingo has always done is progress. It’s always looking for new ways for players to play, whether that be through the variants or even the chat games found within most games. Games such as slingo bingo are a great example of this, using technology to produce a completely new bingo concept, combining online slots and offering users the chance to play a single player game. 

What’s more, a more diverse range of variants is also allowing for people of all budgets and bankrolls to play, with the likes of PayPal bingo and penny bingo making it easier than ever to make a deposit and start playing. 

The Community

Without a doubt, the very best aspect of bingo is the community involved within it, from the bingo callers and chat hosts to all the beautiful players that enjoy a game here at Moon Bingo. We have one of the most welcoming bingo communities in the UK, with the chat rooms always jam packed with people congratulating each other as well as enjoying a good old chin wag. 

It’s the same in bingo halls too. A trip to any bingo hall will be greeted with a welcoming atmosphere. You of course just need to know to be respectful when the numbers are being drawn.

The Pace

Bingo is one of the most fast paced games around, and some variants can be 100mph. It’s fast and furious and that can create an environment in which you really have to be on your toes – and we love it.

Do not fear though, numbers are automatically marked off in online bingo, so you don’t have to worry about missing a number with us. 

You Don’t Need To Know The Lingo Online

While we’re huge fans of the entertaining bingo calls that go way back in history, for new players they can be a little daunting and in some cases make them miss numbers completely. However, that isn’t the case online and it’s the perfect place for beginners to start.

While you may get players adding “two little ducks” or “legs eleven” to the online chat, numbers are clearly displayed so new players really won’t miss out on any numbers.

The History

Bingo has a long and brilliant history that has led to it being loved by generations. It’s a British staple and loved whether playing at a bingo site, in a bingo hall, or at home with friends and family. It’s what drives the incredible atmosphere here at Moon Bingo, with young adults to older ladies and gentlemen all enjoying the game in perfect harmony. 

It is a game that has stood the test of time, and its origins date back hundreds of years. So if it’s good enough for the millions of people that have gone before us, it’s certainly good enough for us.

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