Eggnog, Socks and Bad, Bad Jumpers: Christmas Bingo is Here!

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The festive period is always exciting, yet it’s oh so predictable. It’s a time where family traditions come into full force, as we hang up our stockings on the wall, the cranberry sauce comes out of the cupboard for the first time in a year, and at least one person falls asleep on the sofa, party hat on head. 2020 is going to be a very different Christmas, but one that needs to be celebrated more so than ever, and what better way to bring a bit of festive cheer than with bingo!

Yes, although the bingo halls may be closed, you can still have a ball with our Christmas bingo game, ideal for playing across the big day. But rather than draw bingo balls, we’ve added a little bit of a twist as you need to mark off the common things we all associate with December 25th.

That means the bragging, the traditional gift of socks and, of course, the drunk carol singing. Do they know it’s Christmas time? Well, many do after one too many drinks!

Print our fantastic Christmas bingo card below and get the party started in your household. It’s the most wonderful time of the year after all!

Christmas Bingo

How To Play

Bingo is one of the great British traditions and this game follows most of the usual rules we know and love. However, there’s no caller in this bingo game, or balls to be drawn, and everyone can get involved. If your brother’s complaining about his job, or you recognise an ugly festive sweater, your card should be marked off.

As the festivities unfold on this magical day keep an eye out for all the traditional occurrences featured on our Christmas Bingo card. Get involved at home with family or even play with your friends across different households- someone’s bound to reference a Christmas movie!

And of course, bingo games wouldn’t be the same without prizes! The winner can receive that unwanted box of Roses, an extra glass of Baileys or maybe you might want to go all out and get an extra-special present for the winner. Either way, while it’s impossible to shout “house” in bingo halls up and down the country, you can certainly bring the house down with this festive game to spread that extra bit of cheer.

Happy Christmas from all of us here at Moon Bingo!

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