Celebrities That Love Bingo

MicK Jagger

Bingo is one of the most popular games to play these days, with online bingo sites like ourselves welcoming hundreds of players every day. It’s been played for generations, so chances are that it’s going to be a popular game with the rich and famous too.

Many celebrities are big fans of bingo, many of whom you would simply never expect, from Hollywood legends to some of the world’s biggest pop stars…


Bono grew up in Dublin and actually worked in a bingo hall before he became an international superstar. While he wasn’t a bingo caller, although we expect he’d be good at that, he served food as the numbers were called out at Mtr Pussey’s in his native Ireland. 

Those memories have always been fond for the U2 frontman and he’s since been known to play bingo games with other celebrity friends, such as supermodel Naomi Campbell.

Kate Moss

And it seems that bingo is a pastime for multiple supermodels, with Kate Moss also a big fan of bingo, and particularly bingo gaming online. We bet she’d love a game of slingo bingo, while it’s believed she’s actually been a huge fan of the game for much of her life. We wonder if she and Naomi have chats about their favourite variants?

Mick Jagger

Mick Jagger has always been rather frenetic, so it’s no surprise that he’s a lover of the fast-paced nature of bingo. While he may be known for his more rock and roll antics, the Rolling Stone has also been known to throw huge bingo parties at his home, although it can’t be confirmed if the rest of the band are there tagging along. We’re sure Ronnie Wood and Keith Richards love the game too.

Prince William

While the game is loved by rock and roll royalty, it’s also enjoyed by actual royalty. Rumour has it that Prince William would often sneak out of Sandhurst to enjoy a game of bingo in his local bingo hall. It certainly caused quite the stir for locals, and it was probably enough to put them off their dabbing. 

Catherine Zeta-Jones

You can take the girl out of the valleys, but you can’t take the valleys out of Catherine Zeta-Jones, who is a huge lover of bingo. The Hollywood icon grew up playing the game in her hometown in Wales and she’ll often play DIY bingo with friends and family at home these days. It’s something we’d love to see, but we also wonder who would be the better player between herself and husband Michael Douglas.

Sharon Osbourne

Sharon Osbourne would be a riot at a bingo night and it turns out she would probably take you up on any offer to go. She’s allegedly a huge fan of the game and knows it inside out. Of course, whether she knows every bingo call by heart is a different matter. She’s a bingo enthusiast and we can just see the family games with Ozzy, Jack, and Kelly now.

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