Celebrating National Bingo Day: Take Our Ultimate Bingo Quiz

National Bingo Day Quiz

Such is our love of bingo, when National Bingo Day rolls around on June 27, it’ll feel like it’s Christmas rather than the middle of summer. It’s the day of the year where we celebrate our passion for the game and once again, thousands of our incredible bingo community will be joining us. 

The game has come a long way from its very early days, when the first variants of bingo began to emerge, to one today that includes some incredible games like slingo bingo. These days, you also have the ability to play mobile bingo, allowing you to enjoy bingo anytime, anywhere! But how much do you actually know about bingo?

To celebrate our favourite day of the year, we’re putting your bingo knowledge to the test in this fabulous quiz…


Let us know how you get on, and make sure you challenge all your friends in our online bingo rooms & chat games

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