Can You Withdraw A Bingo Bonus?

One of the great perks to signing up to a bingo site is the welcome bonuses and promotions that are offered to new customers.

Withdraw Bingo Bonus

One of the great perks to signing up to a bingo site is the welcome bonuses and promotions that are offered to new customers. 

You can earn some fantastic offers, giving you extra bankroll to play with, in some cases up to the likes of £100! But what’s stopping you from simply withdrawing that money into your bank account? After all, it’s in your bankroll.

It’s not quite as simple as that and below you’ll find all you possibly need to know about withdrawing bonuses and how to do it…

Can You Withdraw A Bingo Bonus?

Unfortunately, you can’t withdraw a bingo bonus directly from your bankroll, that isn’t really the point of them. The aim of a bonus being offered to players is to allow them to sample the bingo games on offer or get a taste and understanding of a new game, such as the likes of slingo bingo.

They are aimed to be that first port of call, allowing you to try before you buy essentially. However, when you do play with a bingo bonus you are still playing for real money, and any bonus you use that pays out, you will be eligible to withdraw. That means technically you can withdraw a bingo bonus, but you do have to play and go through a process first.

How To Withdraw A Bingo Bonus

When it comes to withdrawing bingo bonus winnings, you can do so in the same way you would any other winnings, by visiting your account settings and requesting to withdraw a set amount to a banking account of your choice. This will usually have to be the method in which you initially made a deposit to use your bonus.

In order to withdraw any bonus winnings you will also have to adhere to a series of terms and conditions which will be specified before you sign up to the bonus. If you have completed these, then you will be able to make the withdrawal and ultimately cash out your bingo bonus.

Key Terms & Conditions To Consider 

When it comes to said terms and conditions you’ll often find a few which can have an impact on the withdrawal of any bonus winnings. These are commonplace not just in bingo bonuses, but also the likes of slots and at many casino sites too. 

Among the most common terms and conditions found with bingo bonuses are:

  • Wagering requirements: Before you withdraw you will be required to complete a set of wagering requirements. This means you will have to rewager the amount of your bonus or winnings a set number of times before being eligible to withdraw them.
  • Time limits: Within the wagering requirements you’ll also be set specific time limits. If you don’t meet them then the winnings will be declared void and removed from your betting account. This will also be the case if you do not use your bonus amount within a set time period.
  • Specific Games: You may also find that bonuses may only be played on certain games, alongside any wagering requirements.

The best thing to do is to carefully read all the terms and conditions before playing your bonus to ensure you know exactly what you need to do to withdraw any bonus winnings should you earn a payout.

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