Bingo Numbers: What You Need To Know

We’re all familiar with the notion of traditional bingo balls. These small spherical wonders have held the interests of bingo fans in physical bingo halls around the globe for as long as the game has been around.

Bingo Numbers

Bingo is one of the most popular games on the planet, and the entire game revolves around one thing – numbers!

Yes, numbers are the integral part of any bingo game and across different variants there are different meanings and different ways of using them.

Such is the power of numbers in bingo, many have their own nicknames and calls, while landing certain numbers will trigger bonuses and in-chat features in online variations these days.

Below you’ll find all you need to know about these numbers, including how they differ from online and mobile bingo to offline, and the different variations you can play nowadays…

How Many Numbers Are There In Bingo?

The volume of numbers in a bingo game is completely dependent on the variant of bingo you are playing. You won’t tend to find any more than 90 balls in a game, with 90-ball bingo also among the most common and popular bingo games.

Most bingo variants will be named after the number of balls played within them, for example 75-ball bingo and 52-ball bingo, while there are a number of other games which again have different variations of numbers.

Swedish Bingo, a popular game here at Moon Bingo plays with 75 balls, while some games online now use numbers in a completely different way, using an alternative to the traditional bingo ball.

Slingo bingo uses an online slot format, with players required to spin the reels to reveal the numbers, which are then marked off on your bingo card. Other variants, such as roulette bingo, which can be found at a number of top bingo sites, uses the roulette wheel to call numbers, for example.

How Numbers Are Called In Online Bingo

What is interesting is how numbers are used differently across online bingo and offline bingo. Of course, in the offline version, you will have a bingo caller who essentially randomly reveals balls from the bingo machine as you play.

However, that isn’t possible in online bingo, with online bingo sites using technology to ensure randomness and complete fair play. In order to do this, they use the same technology that can be found in online slots and at casino sites.

This is known as a Random Number Generator, and is a piece of kit that produces sequences of numbers every millisecond, which then reflect the numbers drawn in a bingo game.

This ensures that one number is just as likely to be drawn as the next, and therefore all players have an equal chance of winning on any one bingo card. Often referred to as RNGs, they are used across all casino games and are a prerequisite of any tried and trusted bingo site or casino.

How the numbers are revealed to the player follow much the same format as regular offline bingo, with the numbers published on screen, with players then able to mark them off on their bingo card.

Bingo Number Calls

One thing we all certainly associate with numbers and bingo are the many bingo calls associated with them. Yes, two little ducks, legs eleven, and more are iconic and still used to this day in bingo halls and in the bingo chat rooms online.

If you’re new to bingo though there’s a lot to learn. Luckily we’re on hand with all the bingo lingo you need to know from the number one all the way through to 90.

Head over to our Bingo Calls page to find all the numbers and their calls in the game, and get memorising so you’re fully clued up with all things bingo numbers ahead of hitting the online bingo rooms.

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