Bingo Lingo: A Full House of Terms & Phrases

Bingo Lingo can be perceived as the coded or special language resounding in bingo chat rooms of the best online bingo sites throughout the amazing world of online bingo.

Bingo Lingo

We’ve all heard of the many weird and wonderful bingo calls in the game of bingo, but if you’re a keen player there are dozens of other terms and phrases you should also be aware of.

Yes, whether you want to know all the latest calls or the phrases you need to keep you in the know of what’s going on in the game, then you’ve come to the right place.

On this page you’ll find all the jargon and bingo lingo you need to know, so eyes down for a full glossary so you don’t miss a beat in the online chat rooms and bingo halls across the country…

Bingo Lingo: Your Glossary

There are hundreds of phrases you’ll encounter playing online bingo and the various different bingo games. Here at Moon Bingo we have a large and friendly community who are always enjoying chatting with each other. This often means abbreviations and slang galore though.

Below you’ll find some of the most common bingo terms and their meanings in our glossary ideal for beginners…

  • 75-ball / 90-ball / 52-ball: These are types of games with the number simply representing the number of balls in play.
  • Bingo Lobby: This is the lobby at an online bingo site, where all the games available to play can be viewed.
  • BLNT: An abbreviation for ‘better luck next time’ used commonly in bingo chat rooms.
  • CH: This is the term used for a chat host in the chat rooms.
  • Chat Game: These are special features and games that are played as side games in the chat rooms during or between online bingo games.
  • Dabber: The term used for a market pen in a game of bingo.
  • Eyes Down: This signifies the game is about to start and is a famous saying used by callers.
  • Full House/FH: A term used when you’ve marked off all the numbers on your bingo card.
  • GG: An abbreviation used for ‘good game’ in a bingo chat room.
  • JP: An abbreviation for jackpot.
  • OAR: A player will use this to state they’re ‘on a roll’.
  • On: This is used when you’re one number away from winning.
  • Progressive Jackpot: This is a type of jackpot that gets bigger the more people who buy cards for the game. It can also be linked to other games within a network. You can find out more about Progressive Jackpots here.
  • QD: This is an abbreviation for ‘quick draw’.
  • Roomies: The other players in the chat room while you’re playing.
  • TG: This is an abbreviation for how many numbers you have to go. For example, if you were to see 2TG in a chat room, this would mean that the player has two to go before a full house.
  • WD: An abbreviation for ‘well done’, used regularly in bingo chat rooms.

Bingo Calls: All The Calls You Need to Know

As well as all the terms mentioned above, there are a huge range of bingo calls and slang terms for bingo numbers which you should certainly be aware of, particularly if you play bingo games offline.

They aren’t used as frequently in online bingo, but they are of course still good to know as they are regularly discussed in the chat boxes.

Terms like two fat ladies, doctors orders and clickety click have become synonymous with bingo, and you’ll even find new bingo calls dropping regularly. If you’d like to learn more about bingo calls, head over to our Bingo Calls page where we have a full list of calls and what they represent.

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