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Bingo For Advanced Players

It’s fair to say if you’re an experienced bingo player then you’ll almost certainly know there’s a bit of luck involved when it comes to winning.

Bingo For Advanced Players

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It’s fair to say if you’re an experienced bingo player then you’ll almost certainly know there’s a bit of luck involved when it comes to winning. However, there are strategies you can apply that can boost your chance of winning.

Many more advanced bingo players have a series of tactics they adopt when playing, and many of them find these tactics and strategies extremely useful. If you’re looking to take your bingo games to the next level, then consider these tips for advanced players…

Bingo For Advanced Players: Our Tips

If you are looking to improve your chances of winning now you know the game inside out, consider the following to give yourself that extra boost.

Avoid Peak Hours

It may sound a simple strategy, but avoiding peak hours can be an extremely useful way to increase your chance of winning. After all, the quieter a room is, the more chance you have of marking your card first.

The busiest times often fall in the evenings and weekends, when thousands of people flock to online bingo sites to play. The more people in a bingo game, the more competition there is and the lower the odds of you winning.

What you will also find is that during quieter times, bingo sites may also lower the buy-in for higher jackpot games to entice more players in to play, which again gives you a better opportunity for a big payout for less of your bankroll.

Calculate The Odds

Working hand-in-hand with the number of people/cards active in a bingo room, is calculating the odds. It’s relatively simple to calculate the percentage chance you have of winning and it depends on how many cards you have active from the total number of active cards.

For example, if you are playing five cards in a game where 50 cards are active, then you ultimately have a 10% chance of winning the game.

Purchase Multiple Cards

Most bingo novices start with just one card, but as you become more skilled with the game, it can be a good idea to play multiple cards.

Online bingo sites give you a helping hand playing multiple cards as they mark off your cards automatically, and the more cards you have in a game, the higher chance you have of winning.

Taking the example above, if you have five cards in a 50 card game, you have a 10% chance. If you were to purchase an extra five, you’d then have 10 cards and a 20% chance of winning in a 50 card game.

Manage Your Bankroll

While many play for fun, if you become more serious with your bingo play then bankroll management is the single most important aspect of your play.

First and foremost, you should buy into games that suit the level of your bankroll. For example, it’s risky to play a game with a high buy-in if you have a relatively low bankroll. On the reverse side, if your bankroll is high, you may want to play the higher buy-in games as the jackpots are more lucrative.