Are Bingo Halls And Bingo Clubs The Same?

Bingo has long been a British institution, with bingo halls and clubs up and down the country having been around since the 1960s.

Bingo Halls / Bingo Clubs

Bingo has long been a British institution, with bingo halls and clubs up and down the country having been around since the 1960s.

They’ve seen a resurgence in recent years as online bingo and new forms of the game such as slingo bingo has helped reach a brand new audience and a new generation of player. 

But as players look to make their move from the world of online gaming, one question often asked is what are the differences between a bingo club and a bingo hall?

Here at Moon Bingo we’re here to provide the answer, and it’s relatively straight forward…

Are Bingo Halls and Bingo Clubs the Same?

You will often see places being referred to as a bingo club or a bingo hall, and ultimately they are exactly the same, with some brands referring to themselves as a club and others a hall.

There are no real differences and they’ll generally operate in exactly the same way. There are hundreds of bingo halls/clubs up and down the country and the games work in much the same way as bingo games do online, except you are required to mark off bingo cards yourself.

This requires a little more skill than online bingo, in that you have to concentrate a lot more as well as have quicker reaction times as you’re physically required to mark the numbers off. However, the differences between clubs and halls – there isn’t one.

Other Forms of Bingo Club

Where confusion may begin to appear though is with pop-up bingo clubs or bingo nights, which often refer to themselves as clubs. These appear in all manner of venue, away from your more traditional bingo halls and clubs.

You may find bingo clubs pop up in music venues, nightclubs, pubs and even community centres. These are usually regular events that happen on a monthly or bi-weekly basis and therefore refer to themselves as clubs.

What you’ll increasingly find these days is bingo club nights too, as event companies look to jump on the popularity of bingo with a younger audience and essentially modernize the game with loud music and wacky prizes to suit the target demographic. These usually pop up in nightclubs, bars and music venues and again are a differentiation on what we’d previously consider a bingo club.

How Do I Know What I’m Visiting?

The more traditional form of bingo club and bingo halls will be their own brick-and-mortar buildings which have generally stood there for significantly periods of time. You’ll find one in most major towns and their sole purpose is bingo.

However, bingo clubs may also appear elsewhere and a good indicator as to what sort of bingo club they are is by looking at the address or viewing where they are. Most bingo club events will have some form of online presence and you can get a good understanding of what sort of event you’ll be visiting if you decide to go and play.

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