A Guide To The Different Types Of Slingo


Slingo bingo is one of the most popular online bingo variants these days, and not only is it going from strength to strength but it’s welcoming an entirely new generation of players. Over the next few years slingo is going to be even bigger and better, and here at Moon Bingo we’re always keen to bring you the very latest slingo games.

It’s a game that continues to evolve, so if you’re new to the wonderful world of slingo, then it can be difficult to keep up. But never fear, our team knows all there is to know about slingo bingo, and below we’ve highlighted the various different types of slingo games available to play… 

Basic Slingo Bingo

Slingo bingo in its most basic form is a combination of online slot play and bingo. It’s a single player game in which players must match the symbols/numbers appearing on a set of slot reels with those on a bingo card. In order to win, players must complete their bingo card within a set number of spins.

It’s that simple. Like many online slot machines, you may also find free spin bonuses that can aid your play. For example, Slingo Fortunes offers Super Jokers which and unlimited extra spins commonly associated with slots, but at its core you have to spin and complete your bingo card.

Slingo Bingo & TV Shows

As slingo bingo has continued to progress, we’re starting to see more and more elements added to the games, and one popular addition is TV show features. TV shows and movies have long been associated with slot games and that’s now creeping into slingo play, with both Slingo Britain’s Got Talent and Deal or No Deal Slingo hugely popular with players here at Moon Bingo.

In the case of the latter, it follows much the same format as the TV game show, with players having to pick a “lucky box” and spin the reels. The boxes found on the slingo reels are then eliminated from the remaining boxes and just like the show you’ll be given a series of offers from the banker. 

Slingo Bingo & Arcade Games

Arcade games are becoming a real hit with online casinos and on bingo sites so it’s no surprise to see them entering the world of slingo. 

Slingo & Scratch card Games

Scratch cards are also making their way into slingo gaming and are hugely popular with players. It’s one of the more simple slingo variations and is certainly a good one if you want to try something beyond classic slingo for the first time. How slingo and scratch cards combined work is by integrating the scratch and reveal system into gameplay. Slingo Reveal is a perfect example of this, in what is a much faster paced game than the more standard slingo variants.

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