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Bingo Numbers

Bingo Numbers

We’re all familiar with the notion of traditional bingo balls. These small spherical wonders have held the interests of bingo fans in physical bingo halls around the globe for as long as the game has been around.

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While sharing many similarities with traditional bingo, one of the stark differences of online bingo is the absence of bingo balls. Random number generators are what online bingo sites like Moon Bingo use to determine the bingo numbers called in each game. Once you’ve bought your tickets and the game starts, the caller will announce the numbers which’ll be randomly chosen by these generators.

How many bingo numbers are there? How do I learn all of the bingo number sayings?

There are several variations of bingo games to choose from, with each having a different amount of numbers. For instance, 75-ball bingo games have 75 numbers that can be called, whilst 90-ball online bingo games have up to 90 bingo numbers. To make it even more interesting, each number has an amusing and somewhat peculiar name that accompanies it known as bingo calls.

For Example:
  1. Kelly's Eye
  2. One Little Duck
  3. Cup of Tea
  4. Danny La Rue
  5. Stuck in the Tree
  6. Clean the Floor

Bingo calls are as diverse as their sources. Some of these are so popular that they transcend most boundaries. It is thus common to hear the same engaging bingo numbers name from callers in physical bingo houses, online bingo rooms and even then, across different sites and brands. The more you play bingo, the more exposure you’ll get to these bingo calls, and seeing how engrossing bingo can be, you’ll soon be fully acquainted with these! Most bingo calls rhyme with the numbers they’re associated with while others are references to songs, movies and actions that are reminiscent of, or contain, specific numbers. You’ll encounter them all here at Moon Bingo and very soon after you start playing, you’ll have become well versed in these bingo call dictionary!