Bingo Gameplay: What You Need To Know

Bingo Gameplay

Bingo is a hugely popular game in the UK and is indeed growing at a rapid rate with more players than ever before both online and offline as the game reaches a new generation of players.

The game itself is simple, but the entire gameplay process can lead to elements of confusion.

But do not fear, below you’ll find all you need to know about bingo gameplay to help you get started…

Bingo Gameplay: A Walk Through The Process

There are many aspects to playing bingo. We’ve broken down each element to make life easy for you…

Buying a Bingo Card

Of course, whether playing online or offline it all begins with buying a bingo card.

If at an offline venue, you can buy cards as you enter the hall on reception, while online players can simply click the game in which they wish to play and purchase a card. Players are able to purchase multiple bingo cards, but do be aware that in offline bingo you will also have to mark them, which can require a lot of concentration. Online bingo cards are marked off automatically.

Playing the Game

Once the game starts it’s a relatively simple process and always has a natural flow.

The game begins in bingo halls when the caller begins to speak. They will often announce the prize beforehand, while online that will usually be highlighted on screen and before you enter the room.

Numbers will then be called by using a random number generator, which ensures complete fairness with each ball having the exact same chance as being drawn as the next.

Players must then mark their cards with each number drawn. In the case of online this will be automatically done for you.

The Prizes

As the numbers continue to be drawn, players will get closer to the prizes.

The first prize to be won will be the player to complete their first line. A player in offline bingo will be required to call in order to say they are won, while online bingo will automatically recognise this.

The game will then continue as normal. A player being the first to complete two lines will then be among the prizes, again with the player required to call out, with online bingo again recognising this automatically.

Then the game will be played out until the jackpot is won, with the player to complete the bingo card fully first winning this. Then the game will end, unless further prizes are on offer.

In some bingo games you’ll find windfall prizes and other prizes within the games, for example the player to fill all four corners. These will be specified in the bingo game itself.

Things To Note About Bingo: Bingo Etiquette

When you are playing bingo and involved in the gameplay it is also important you behave appropriately too.

Bingo etiquette is a big thing, particularly in bingo halls with it important to do the following:

  • Be quiet while the game is in play
  • Keep up with the pace
  • Check your card before calling
  • Be respectful of your caller

In online bingo there are also elements of etiquette to consider including:

  • Be respectful in the chat rooms
  • Don’t use all capitals

You can find out more about bingo etiquette on our dedicated bingo etiquette page.

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