Bingo Etiquette in Bingo Halls & Online

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The bingo hall can be an intimidating place if you’re new to them. Walk in and there are some serious players, but in actual fact we all have to start somewhere and bingo halls and online bingo communities are incredibly welcoming.

There are a few things you should know about though when it comes to etiquette and fitting in, ensuring the smoothest possible gameplay for yourself.

Below you’ll find some of the more common considerations when it comes to bingo etiquette…

Bingo Etiquette in Bingo Halls

If you’re visiting a bingo hall for the very first time, you should be conscious of the following…

Choice of Seat

It’s difficult to know where to sit when you first arrive at a bingo hall, so don’t be worried if someone comes over and asks if they could potentially sit in your spot. This could be a regular player who has a lucky chair.

In these instances people are usually polite and you should be courteous enough to let them have their lucky seat. You never know, the spot you take up next may become your lucky seat!

Keep up with the Pace

It can be incredibly difficult to keep up with the pace when you’re new to a bingo hall, so ensure you’re concentrating at all times so your bingo play stays on track.

Pay attention to the caller at all times and you’ll see the numbers also appear on screens around you to help you keep up with the dabbing.

Check your Card!

If you do complete your card and could win, ensure you double check your card. A false “bingo” is one of the worst things you can do in a bingo hall and will not only make you unpopular with other players but disrupts the whole flow of the game.

Make sure you always check your card to make sure you have completed the first line, second line and full card.

Be Respectful of the Caller

During the game keep the noise to a minimum and do ensure you’re respectful in how you communicate with them.

When you have won a line or the full house, make sure you are clear and do so in a pleasant manner, to ensure not only the caller hears you but it also isn’t in an abrasive manner.

Online Bingo Etiquette

Of course, there’s etiquette you should really take note of in online bingo games too. This is particularly the case when it comes to the chat rooms.

Respect Your Host

Just like you would respect a bingo caller, you should also be respectful of the chat host. These are the people who moderate the chat rooms you’re in and will also run the in-chat games.

Any questions you have should be directed towards them, and when you send messages you should always be polite in your approach.

Respect the Players Around You

Online bingo chat rooms are brilliant for making new friends and being part of a community, so you should ensure you are helping form that community rather than making things a little awkward.

Capital letters should generally be avoided, as chat hosts will usually type in capitals in order to help distinguish who they are.

Before you send any messages it is a good idea to re-read your message before posting, just incase it can be misconstrued in any way, while always avoid using any offensive language. This will usually lead to your removal from the room.

Ultimately, both online and offline you should treat people how you wish to be treated. It’s that simple, and it’s the reason so many online bingo communities are such great places to be!

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