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Bingo Cards

Bingo Cards

In the incredible world of online bingo, bingo tickets are virtual cards featuring random numbers which are used to play bingo.

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As with traditional bingo played in bingo halls, online bingo cards are diverse and the numbers they harbour will be directly linked to the type of bingo game they are associated with. For instance, the 75-ball bingo cards have 25 spots with a Free space in the centre, on a 5x5 grid, whilst 90-ball cards have 3 rows and 9 columns, with each row holding 5 numbers and 4 blank spaces. Many winning combinations are available, again depending on the type of bingo game played. You can thus win by completing a line (which can be vertical, horizontal or diagonal) or by completing special patterns.

Enjoy a fab variety of bingo games

The multitude of operating bingo sites offer an exhaustive list of bingo games to choose from, each one of them with their own ticket cost. There are even free bingo cardss! As you might have guessed, completely FREE! While ticket prices may vary, players still retain full control on how many tickets they want to buy in any given game. You can thus opt to buy only 1 ticket, but it’s also true that the more tickets you buy, the greater your chances of winning.

Like most online bingo sites, Moon Bingo offers a variety of bingo game types for players to choose from. With the 90 ball where bingo balls 1 – 90 are called and 75 ball games where bingo number generators 1-75 amongst the most popular, there are also a few other variations that deliver as much fun and entertainment as these! One good example of such is Swedish bingo, essentially a fast-paced 75 bingo variant with numerous winning chances. Another one is 52 ball bingo with tickets like bingo cards and a unique gameplay which all add up to produce the type of exciting game players crave for. Join Moon Bingo now start your gameplay!

How do I mark off my bingo ticket whilst playing online?

There are two ways of marking your bingo cards during online bingo games: you can either do so manually by clicking or tapping on the square on your card containing the number called from the bingo number generator, or let the system's auto-daub work its magic for you, thus leaving you free to chat, play chat games or even play multiple games from different rooms at the same time. Whether opting for the manual or automatic options, you will be sure to have an unimaginably pleasant and rewarding time playing online!