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Bingo Calls

Bingo Calls

Bingo games are thrilling for all sorts of reasons. Throughout the games, you’ll feel a whole host of emotions. But one of the classical aspects that adds to all the fun are the bingo calls.

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These witty phrases are a part of the overall Bingo charm and give added meaning, as well as a much-welcomed touch of humour, to the calls in each game!

Making their apparition in Eastern London in the mid-20th Century, Bingo calls have been able to establish themselves as an integral part of bingo tradition to such a point that a game without them does not really feel right anymore. With so many variations of Bingo calls now available, it is a subject of much controversy as to where all of them might stem from, but it is undeniable that they have a special role to play in helping players and callers differentiate between homonymous numbers. Join Moon Bingo to experience a multitude of these much-loved calls.

Some of our favourite Bingo Calls

Each and every bingo number has a nickname and below are a few of these iconic phrases you’ll encounter here at Moon Bingo.

  • 11: Legs - This number makes almost everyone giggle. It is easy to understand and the number actually looks like a pair of legs…
  • 17: Dancing Queen – This bingo calling number was inspired from a much-acclaimed line from the 1976 Abba song Dancing Queen which says, "You are the Dancing Queen, young and sweet, only 17”
  • 22: Two Little Ducks– Reminiscent of two little ducks, this call is usually followed by gamesters giving a “quack, quack”
  • 69: Either Way Up – Because no matter how you turn it, it still looks the same!
  • 88: Two Fat Ladies – Let your imagination work for this one… just picture 2 fat ladies sitting next to each other

Every bingo lover has a few calls that make them chuckle or plainly laugh out loud. What are your favourites?

IMany bingo calls, such as 15 Young and Keen, or 8 Garden Gate are based on rhymes, whilst others are based on the shapes of the numbers, including 11 and 88. On the other hand, many bingo calls have historical references, like number 57 Heinz Variety (Henry Heinz's lucky number), and number 76 Trombones that got its name from the 1962 musical 'The Music Man' – "Seventy-six trombones led the big parade." Whether it's a rhyming phrase or a reference, Bingo calls come in all sizes and shapes!