Bingo Callers & Their Responsibilities

How bingo numbers are called

The job of a bingo caller always looks a fun one. It also looks a stressful one. It’s non-stop and there’s also an element of mystery that surrounds them. They’re put on a pedestal, quite literally in many cases and they demand respect.

They have more authority than librarians when it comes to shushing, but what is their entire role and responsibilities, and is there more to it than meets the eye?

Here’s our guide to what a bingo caller does and the responsibilities that comes with it…

What Does A Bingo Caller Do?

Naturally, the main role of a bingo caller is to call the numbers out during a game of bingo and ensure the entire game runs smoothly. However, it is also much more complicated than that.

The job of a bingo caller is a crucial part in the running of a bingo hall and they require a particular type of skill to be successful. They are the main people in charge of keeping the crowd not only entertained but focused too.

Throughout the game they should be able to maintain calm and quiet to ensure all players can hear the caller and ultimately play bingo without distraction.

Humour plays a big part in that, and many comedians started their career as a bingo caller, while sitcoms such as Eyes Down with Paul O’Grady have really played upon the comedic value bingo callers have.

Of course, they should also be clear, concise and also be able to operate the computer system with bingo games now using random number generators to draw balls.

Bingo Callers Terms & Phrases

One thing bingo callers also need is a good memory!

When it comes to numbers being drawn we all associate bingo callers with the many terms and phrases that come with bingo numbers. For example, two fat ladies, two little ducks, legs eleven and the rest.

Naturally, the callers are all well aware of these, but players should also ensure they do too. We have a handy guide to all you need to know about bingo calls on our blog. Click here to find out more.

What Are The Online Equivalent Of Bingo Callers?

Of course, bingo callers don’t really exist in online bingo, not in the popular sense anyway.

However, there are people designated to ensure each bingo game runs smoothly online. These are chat hosts who run and monitor the chat rooms to ensure all players are behaving themselves and essentially having a good time.

What they will also do is run bonus games which are played in the chat rooms, offering players the chance to win free games, prizes and sometimes even extra winnings.

The chat hosts are required to carry the same qualities as a bingo caller in brick-and-mortar bingo halls, except virtually, and all will be very approachable, empathetic and generally fun to communicate with.

Their roles are just as important as bingo callers as the chat rooms in online bingo chat rooms are thriving more than ever before and are a vital part of the experience, particularly over the last year when people are reliant upon the online version more than ever before.

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