A Guide to Bingo Chat Rooms

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Bingo has always been an incredibly social game and when it comes to online play, at the very heart of that is online bingo chat rooms. They have really helped transfer the social element from the live bingo halls to online bingo games and have created an entire new community for players to be a part of.

Bingo has always had that social element, and if you’re looking to start enjoying that, then bingo chat rooms could well be worth exploring.

Here at Moon Bingo we have a wide range of chat rooms available to enjoy, and have a loving and welcoming community. Below you’ll find all you need to know about what they offer and how you can maximise your enjoyment of them.

What are Bingo Chat Rooms?

Bingo chat rooms are essentially online chat rooms in which players can converse and engage with each other before, during and after bingo games. It allows players to get to know each other and form communities, just as you’d find in the live bingo halls up and down the country.

They’ve become key aspects of online bingo sites these days and not only allow players to chat with one another, but also get guidance on things such as gameplay, bonuses and the basics of bingo.

What is a Chat Host?

The chat host is a person who runs a bingo chat room and essentially ensures the room runs smoothly and without any trouble. They deal with any problems and are always on hand to offer guidance about playing.

It’s their job to monitor the chat rooms and ensure the language used is appropriate and there is peace and harmony within it.

Chat hosts will also keep players in the loop about bonus games and in chat games, which you’ll often find while playing the likes of 90-ball bingo and 75-ball bingo.

Chat Games

Chat games are one of the best reasons for getting involved in online bingo chat rooms. Across many games you’ll find in-play chat games which give you the opportunity to win bonuses, free tickets and other promotions.

They are often in the form of quizzes, with the first player to answer the question correctly receiving a prize.

Online Bingo Chat Rooms Dos and Don’ts

There are a number of things players can do to ensure chat rooms stay fun, welcoming and safe to enjoy. Among the key things to consider are:

  • Respect the Host & Room: Be polite and considerate of all players at all times, and ensure you respect and follow the rules highlighted by the chat host.
  • Do not ask for bankroll from other players: It’s one of the main rules in bingo chat rooms, and you should never request bankroll from other players. This can not only make the room itself a little awkward, but also get you banned from the site completely.
  • Suitable for work usernames: Don’t use inappropriate usernames or anything that can be deemed offensive.

Don’t use caps lock: Don’t type messages in all capitals. Many people deem this as aggressive, but also chat hosts will often use all caps to differentiate from other players. If other players then start using them, it can become confusing.

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