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Swedish Bingo is also known as 5-line bingo

Swedish Bingo

If you love the traditional forms of bingo but are looking for a little bit of a twist, then Swedish Bingo could well be the game for you.

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It’s essentially a variation of 75-ball bingo but is faster paced and offers even more prizes.

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What Is Swedish Bingo?

If you’re completely new to online bingo though, then you’re going to want to understand exactly what Swedish Bingo actually is.

The concept isn’t too difficult to grasp and it is essentially the same as 75-ball bingo, except it pays out for five different lines, rather than two.

That’s why it’s also commonly known as 5-line bingo and you’ll find it on many online bingo sites as that. Here at Moon Bingo we’re big fans of Swedish Bingo and have a wide range of games for you to enjoy.

How To Play Swedish Bingo

Swedish Bingo is incredibly simple to play, and like 75-ball bingo is played on a 5 by 5 grid. The aim of the game is to match the numbers called with those on your card, with the first player to complete lines and the full house earning a prize. It’s that simple!

Like other bingo games you can play multiple cards with Swedish bingo, and in online gaming your cards will be marked off automatically so you don’t need to worry about keeping up to speed.

In order to play, you must follow these steps…

  1. Click the ‘Play Now’ button above
  2. Select the Swedish Bingo game you wish to play
  3. Buy a bingo card, or multiple if you wish to play more
  4. Wait for the game to start and begin playing!
  5. Any winnings will be automatically claimed and added to your bankroll

How Winning Differs With Swedish Bingo

As mentioned, winning does differ slightly to the more traditional 75-ball bingo, but that is no bad thing. Rather than the three ways to win in 75-ball, or two ways to win in 90-ball, there are five ways to win in Swedish Bingo!

That’s right, you can not only win for being first to claim a full house, but also the first line, and every line that follows.

Swedish Bingo Ways To Win:

  • Single Line: The player that is the first to mark off one full line of numbers.
  • Two Lines: The player that is first to mark off two full lines of numbers.
  • Three Lines: The player that is first to mark off three full lines of numbers.
  • Four Lines: The player that is first to mark off four full lines of numbers.
  • Full House: The player who is first to complete their bingo card.

The way these are won is by generally completing horizontal lines. However, some Swedish Bingo games will also allow vertical lines and some diagonal lines. In the case of the latter, there will also be fewer ways to win.

The Swedish Bingo Card

As mentioned, Swedish Bingo is played on a 5 by 5 grid in the same way as 75-ball bingo. Each line will then have a range of numbers between one and 75. It does slightly differ to the 75-ball card, however, as the middle free square in 75-ball is filled in Swedish Bingo, meaning there are 25 numbers you need to mark off to win the full house.

The numbers themselves move up the cards, with the first vertical line featuring numbers one to 15, the second 16 to 30, third 31 to 45 and so on, although as mentioned you can win lines in a number of different ways.

Time to Get Started?

Looking to play Swedish Bingo? Head to our Swedish Bingo games today and start playing this game which offers you plenty of ways to win and have fun!