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Swedish Bingo

Swedish Bingo

Welcome to Swedish Bingo, which is also known as 5 Line Bingo. This fast-paced bingo game is a variation of the popular 75-ball bingo. However, with the Swedish version, there are five prizes up for grabs during each game. Head to the lobby and grab your tickets to the best Swedish Bingo games on Moon Bingo.

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How to Play

Swedish Bingo is easy to play. The game is played on a 5 by 5 grid of numbers ranging from 1 to 75. On this multi-line game, players can win several prizes for every 1-line, 2-lines, 3-lines, 4-lines, and full house. However, Swedish Bingo gameplay varies depending on the software developer.

Ways to Win

Most Swedish Bingo games give players 5 chances to win. There can be a winner every 5 rounds. The different winning combinations are:

  • Single Line: To win the 1-line, be the first to mark off the entire line of numbers.
  • Two Lines: Be the first to complete the two lines of numbers during the round.
  • Three Lines: Mark three lines of numbers before your bingo roomies to win.
  • Four Lines: Mark all 4 lines of numbers before all players to win.
  • Full House: To win the full house, be the first player to mark all 5 lines of numbers.

Rules of the Swedish Bingo Game

There are varying rules in the Swedish Bingo. While some operators count a horizontal line as a win, others will allow diagonal and vertical lines as well. Also, some bingo operators enable 5 winners in each game. However, other operators will only allow winners for a single line, three lines and five lines.

Swedish Bingo is a popular bingo variant worth stopping off for on Moon Bingo. Purchase your cards and get ready to take on the challenge.