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A bingo chat room is where you communicate with all your fellow bingo players

Bingo Chat Rooms

Bingo chat rooms are the life and soul of any online bingo community and across all our bingo games you’ll find they are well and truly thriving, with players socialising, having fun, and making the most of the in-chat games that are on offer.

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That’s right, as well as your standard game of 75-ball bingo or whatever variant you are playing, there are also added bonuses on offer and all you need to do is get involved with the chat rooms.

You can get started and play in our bingo chat rooms by clicking “Play Now” above, but if you’d like to know more then read on and discover all you need to know...

About Our Bingo Chat Rooms

When it comes to bingo the social aspect is just as important as the playing itself. Thousands flock with their friends to local bingo halls each week and here at Moon Bingo we’ve looked to encapsulate that by creating a fun and friendly chat function that has become a fantastic community in its own right.

You can get to know and enjoy a conversation with the other players enjoying the bingo game, while there are also a number of games that can be played too, run by our experienced and welcoming chat hosts.

Chat Games At Moon Bingo

The games within the chat really add an extra dimension to your bingo playing and there are always exciting prizes on offer.

The range of games vary, from simple games such as hangman, to ones that are associated with the bingo game you’re actually playing.

Below you’ll find some of the more common bingo chat games which we play in our rooms and a few details on how they work...

Fly Me To Vegas

When you win a full house type * DEAL ME IN * at least 10 seconds before the next game starts. The first ball out in the next game will determine your points. If the first ball is 21 you win 500 points for Blackjack, under 21 you earn 250 points and over 21 you bust with no points awarded.

Mirror Mirror

Players will give the host two mirror numbers (E.G. 74, 47). As soon as both your numbers are called, the player must type "MIRROR MIRROR" followed by the numbers to win points.


Host will post a word with 1 letter the roomie full house winner picks a letter if correct the host will insert the letter into the word. We continue to do this until the 1st player to guess the word correctly wins points.

Take Or Share

The winner of the full house gets to pick whether they take points or share. If they take they win 1000 points, if they choose to share they share the points with another player. The player picked to share must say "Ty for sharing" to receive 500 points.


Players must give the host two double numbers (E.G. 22 & 44) and as soon as both the numbers come out the player must type "TWINS" followed by the numbers to win points.

Pot Luck

Full house winner picks a number. The host will check how many points are behind that number on the grid. Between 250 and 500 points can be won. The number of points a player will win depends on what is behind that number on the grid.

We Are Lost

If the winner of the game is a non roomie you type *I AM LOST* and the last number of the last ball called will determine who will win points. If it’s an even number, the host counts up from the bottom of the list. If an odd number the host counts down from the top of list. Players should have a minimum of one card in play to earn points.

Hot Number

The full house number of the last game of the previous chat game will be used as the hot number for this chat game. The third player to type "HOT NUMBER" followed by the number will receive points.

It's Odd

When a player wins a full house on an odd number, they should type *IT'S ODD* at least 10 secs before the next game starts to win points.

Higher Or Lower

The Host will ask the winner 'higher or lower' from the winning number. Answer the host at least 10 secs before the next game starts. If you are right in the first ball called in the next game you win points.

Sunshine & Thunder

When you bingo, tell the host Sunshine (even number) or Thunder (odd number) at least 10 seconds before the next game starts. If the first number out in the next game matches your pick, you win points.

What Are Chat Hosts?

Across all the games, chat hosts will run the show and generally be the person monitoring the chat rooms.

They essentially do the job a caller would in a bingo hall without actually drawing the numbers. That means they are responsible for keeping everyone within the chat room entertained, but also maintain order and respect to ensure there are no unruly members.

The chat host has the power to remove people from the chat who aren’t obeying the rules and players should respect the chat host at all times.